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There is no after
There is just the next now
And the now that follows
The previous now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The thing about time

We know we have no control over it. can't stop it and can't predict when our time is up. so why is it that we use time to deny us the things we want, want to do, want see, want be, want to have, want to say. Why do we look at a calendar for our own approval ratings? You get to start over and you don't need a clock for that. If its 3am on a Thursday and you realized what it is you weren't getting why can't you start working on that at 3:01? you can. But get some sleep first because dusting off and getting on the horse, bike, skates...well you need energy for that. plus its too hard to get it right the first time anyway and every time you start over you're stronger because you have learned lessons and those are like armor.

You go on a diet and you do well for a week then on the 8th day you eat cheese puffs and all you can think about is how you shouldn't have eaten them and how you were doing so good..start the diet again after the cheese puffs but remember the next time don't count the days you did good or bad count how much better you feel about yourself because i'm sure a week on a diet is not cancelled out by one bag of cheese puffs.

I am not simplifying, i realize broken hearts and other things are harder to just start over but they're just harder. I want more people to feel good and I can't help but feel like if i spread the good stuff even if its just here then some of you will read somethign and smile and thats what i want more smiles, more laughter, hell more cheese puffs.

Pat yourselves on the back more often. we are so quick with the swift kicks in our own asses.
the tree in my garden that caused me months and months of endless leaf raking well its got tons of buds today and now the leaf raking means nothing nothing at all.
sometimes i just want to scream, the good kind though. yes, there is such a thing as a good scream.


Unknown said...

I love your blog. it is now bookmarked everywhere and will be read frequently when i feel crappy as inspiration to just be happy. I did have to laugh that the only thing that made me stop and have a random thought was "Wow, Denise can eat a BAG of cheese puffs? That's impressive" ;) Just kidding!


Happy Snacks!!!

Happy Snacks!!!

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