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There is no after
There is just the next now
And the now that follows
The previous now.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I heart Sunday. All of them. All you need for a successful Sunday is to surround yourself with pleasant things and people. this is why I do not understand the Italian custom of the Sunday lunch with the in-laws, thats not always pleasant. In any case, on Sunday you need coffee or tea, some kind of food you don't normally eat during the week.

Music is mandatory for me not loud music, just a little background noise. A book, A game, A hobby, Nothing. I believe Sunday is the day you're supposed to do the things you never get to do, and I don't mean laundry, thats for Saturday. Personally I suggest not watching tv and although I am writing in this blog and you are reading it, I suggest less time on the internet too. I cannot do much about the weather but if its sunny go outside or at least sit by a window. If its cloudy and icky, cuddle up in a corner somewhere.

People who have children may find some if not all of this impossible. When I was little my mother said Sundays were supposed to be days of peace and if I did anything that wasn't peaceful she made me clean, garage, get the point. It worked.
The most important tip for truly enjoying your Sunday no matter whatever else you do or not..

Enjoy your Sunday.


Happy Snacks!!!

Happy Snacks!!!

Right Now

All I have to do is find get comfortable on the couch.

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